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Reply WesleyPah
8:20 PM on July 28, 2018 
Reply Neo Depp
10:54 PM on May 18, 2015 
Oh, hi, thanks for letting me visit you site again, I was just reading various related blogs and videoz, just incredible all the way around. Anyway, as a fellow writer, of other subjects, history, art, etc, and my share of traveling, it's so refreshing to come upon blogs like this. Just so really interesting and appealing. It's also commendable that you have disregarded the stuck in the mud fogies and their hateful ways, finger pointing at anything different or experimental and unique. It's nobodies business to condemn what dark secret desires a woman has, what fantasies and things she deep down wants to be a part of, thats pure evil. The lord gave you the right to decide whats pleasurable and good for you after all, will those french fry eaters decide that they are god and so deny you your rights to hedonistic pleasure when you see fit or to write and comment on articles, or to decide which lipstick or perfume to wear? I don't think so, thats extremist, fundamentalist and dumb. If you want to meet up with likeminded ppl to do what you want and where/when you want, then they can point fingers at the clouds or complain to the worms. I'm here to support all your incredible and amazing work and whatever your desires are, even to help you fulfill them any way I can. I'm younger than you but I'm very magnanimous and enjoy helping those in need. I don't even have a dog, but if you decide to bake a cake, go for walks, strolls or to get a dog of your choice, well thats your god given right. Heck, if you want to wear high heels or be silly zany and wear a costume or not, thats your god given right also. There are many videos which help explain what I can't here, but believe you me, there are plenty of hot and sexy mature women such as yourself who agree. Well, I would leave my phone number in case you wanted to chit chat about books or whatever, but I don't want the crazy people getting a hold of it to spam me incessantly. Best of luck to your writing career, and even as to which dog you choose to get as a pet, It doesn't matter and frankly its nobodies business. Looking forward to your future amazing posts and such, cheers and lucky writing etc
Reply Neo Depp
7:02 PM on May 18, 2015 
Just a really great website, the lord guided me to your site I'm sure, I feel so peaceful now, content and reborn after reading and taking a peek at the photos. Refreshed as if I just took a cools fresh shower after sweaty hot fun and a few drinks. The fashion tips are even very helpful also, have you ever considered being a fashion writer also, or at least wearing some heels etc, Oh definitely, I like the photos a lot. Cheers and may the lord bring the holy moonlight into your heart, orgasmic moonlight from the heavens and stars.
Reply toni
1:18 PM on April 22, 2014 
This will sound crazy, but I had a dream last night so, so clear and there was a lady in the dream called Linda Greenberg, Why this name I don't know. I looked it up this morning and you came up, among other LG's but I open your site and I liked what I read you are a good person.
Very strange, have a wonderful life.
Reply authorlindagreenberg
8:21 PM on April 6, 2013 
See my latest article in the April issue of Testimony magazine entitled, Inheriting a Family - Stories from a foster parent's journey. I fostered over 20 teenagers during the past 20 years and now have a wonderful family I might never had known. Their stories are an integral part of my own. I am truly blessed.
Reply Patricia Anne Elford
8:37 AM on June 4, 2012 
Just getting to know you a little. Looking forward to seeing you at Write!Canada.
Reply Fay Rowe
1:31 PM on July 20, 2011 
Hi Linda,
I really like your new website look! Very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming articles in The Testimony. Please post when they are published. You are a great story-teller. Michael, too. Your shared testimony is wonderful! I know the new book will be a success!
Reply Mary Haskett
2:37 PM on June 25, 2011 
Hi Linda,
A very nice introduction and also a realization of all you have achieved. Praise God.
love & blessings
Your friend Mary
Reply sharon berman
3:14 PM on May 11, 2010 
Did michael pass my email along - as I have his email address for some reason...Here are details about may you are writing your memoirs it will be awesome!

Ruth will be doing a workshop on memoir writing at Compass Community Church (used to be Glen Cairn Baptist Church) on Pond Mills, just south of Commissioners. The scheduled time is 6:30 - 9-9:30 and it is a workshop, mostly, although there will be a personal story shared by another lady and a short devotional at the end.

I am delighted to say it is free and I can invite friends....she is my friend who wrote Come Find Me and has moved to Lyndsey...not often in London...

Compass Community Church
6:30 - 9:00
345 Pond Mills Rd.

hopefully your schedule will allow you to be blessed and join us!....shalom....sharon
Reply Nikki
6:32 AM on November 26, 2009 
Hi Linda, stopped by. Met you at Write. I am the Jewish believer...Nikki